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Damavand 5610 m – Different choices to climb

An article by : Hamid Shafaghi

IFMGA mountain and ski guide


Damavand is the highest volcano in Asia . It’s one of the 7 volcano project in the world . The conical shape of the mountain attracts many different people from worldwide to try their chance to climb this mountain . From 2018 to 2021 we had 98 percent success on climb with our friends to this summit . This is the highest success rate in the agencies who run this tour  . We recommend 3 different way to climb this summit :

1 . Damavand with acclimatization on itself : This is our basic plan to climb mount Damavand . Normally if you are fit enough and you just have one goal in Iran ( Damavand ) , you could choose this plan . It’s economical and you could save lots of time if you have limited time in the country and you don’t want to enjoy the rest of wonderful summits in Iran . You could find enough information on the link below .

Mount Damavand trekking tour

2 . Tochal 3950 + Damavand : If you have more time and you want to climb another summit ( with the great view to the city of Tehran ) , You could choose Tochal + Damavand package . This 2 extra days will give you enough chance for maximum acclimatization before you start your Damavand trip . Tochal has very nice views toward Alborz massif . climbing this summit is enjoyable and from the summit , you could choose to come down with Cabin to save your knees for Damavand . If you have less time , you could visit to Dizin pass and climb the wonderful nice summit of KolomBastak 4180 meters in one day ( The starting point is 3400 m ) . This is a much easier trek than Tochal but it’s very good to help people acclimatized before their final push .

Mount Tochal & Damavand trekking tour

3 . If you are looking to do a series of wonderful trip in a nice area , Alamkuh strongly recommended . Alamkuh is the second Highest summit in Iran . You could read about Alamkuh here . You could also read about the famous Samavar stone here .

In this area and before Damavand , it’s possible to climb Lashgarak 4200 m , Gardoonkoh 4700 m and Alamkuh 4850 m . The combination of Alamkuh and Damavand is something wonderful that we extremely advice to the people who have time and want to enjoy the mountains .

Lashgarak 4200 + Alamkuh 4850m + Damavand 5610 m trekking tour

More than this , there are huge number of different summits in Alborz and Zagros like Sabalan 48100 m , Hezar 4700  m and many other different summits available to climb . Don’t hesitate to write to us if you are looking for some wonderful remote plan .