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Lashgarak 4200 + Alamkuh 4850m + Damavand 5610 m trekking tour

Price Per Person:


Stars to beauty of tour:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

General fitness needed : Intermediate

Vertical Difference in 1 day : Up to 1500 m in 1 day .

group Capacity: up to 8 people




Lashgarak 4200 + Alamkuh 4850m + Damavand 5610 m trekking tour
Stars to beauty of tour:

General fitness needed : Intermediate

Vertical Difference in 1 day : Up to 1500 m in 1 day .

group Capacity: up to 8 people

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Do you want to have your own dates? write to us
Do you want to have your own dates? write to us

Alamkuh considered to be one of the most beautiful summits in Iran as it has the place of second highest summit in Iran . From north face it’s quite technical with a bigwall and technical flanks. But from south face it’s more accessible from easier routes however it could end to a tragedy if going on wrong turns in cloudy sky of the area . wonderful open field of Hesarchal surrounded by different mountains is a dream place to be while acclimatising in best way .

Damavand is the highest summit in Iran with it’s wonderful conical shape . Damavand is also the highest volcano in Asia and it’s a part of 7-Volcano project . Famous altitude is 5671 m but the real measres altitude is 5610 m . Definitely has an iconic view to Lar lake and the open fields around with a stunning view to Doberar ridge ( more than 70 kms of ridge around 4000 meters high ) . Damavand also plays a great role in Persian myth and ancient history of Persia as it there are lots of poems and writings about it . The mountain is located in north of Iran and central part of Alborz massif and south of Caspian Sea.

Day 1 : Pick up and welcome by our guide from airport, Transfer to Vandarbon in Mazandaran province ( up to 4 hrs drive ) .
Day 2 : . Transfer by 4wd cars to Tang-e-Galo and start trekking to Hesarchal 3700 m . Camping in Hesarchal in tents with all services . Mules carry equipment to Hesarchal .

Day 3 : Breakfast and climb Lashgarak summit 4200 m . With a brilliant view to Taleghan and Alamkuh ridge .

Day 4 : Early in morning , trek up to the summit of Alamkuh4850 m . Brilliant view of Takhte Soleyman Area with quite high mountains and technical ridges . Descent down the same day to Tang-e-Galo and transfer to Rodbarak by 4WD cars . night at Rodbarak hut .

Day 5 : Transfer from Rodbarak to Polur . ( Around 4 hrs ) . Relax in the area . bit of sightseeing .

Transfer  to Federation hut at Polur . Stay the night in polur hut . ( 2300 m )

( It’s also possible to stay the night in a hotel in Tehran and the other day move to Polur which is a more relaxed trip )

Day 6 : Move to the mosque on the south face of Damavand by a 4WD car, Start to trek up the mountain up to the 3rd Bargah . Mules will carry the stuff ( up to 12 kgs per person ) . You will sleep in tent/Bargah to night . ( If you book in advance , you could use private room in hut , if not we have to use tents )
Day 7 : Acclimatization in the area , Move up to the frozen waterfall ( around 5000m ) and coming back to the refuge .
Day 8 : Move very early in the morning to climb Damavand summit . The exact elevation is 5610m and the climb is around 7 hours from the hut to the summit . After summit , come back to the hut /tents .

It’s also possible to walk all the way down to Polur and transfer to Tehran but needs better fitness.
Day 9 : Breakfast and coming back to Polur . Could enjoy the hotsprings in Larijan after the climb . Transfer to Tehran ( end of trip )

If you have any questions regarding to itinerary or trip , ask one of our guides Click here

With our great and skilled guides ( most of them are IFMGA guides also official mountain guide in Iran ) and our special dietry which includes lots of healthy and delicious food and enough acclimatisation on Alamkuh and Damavand , most of the people could do it . You need general fitness and then listening to our guide advices and that’s it . In the last 2 summers , we had success rate of 95 percent and 100 percent to the summit !

Guide ratio would be 1:5 and Our guides are qualified and experienced enough to work on the mountain . We have the only IFMGA Mountain and Ski guide  in Iran at the moment ( and 2 Aspirant IFMGA guide ) . All our guides are good skiers , fluent in English language and don't have problem in communicating at all . Have passed the 3 years of mountain guide  official course in Iran . We have excellent rating on TripAdvisor regarding to our guides and services . guides will have maximum flexibility to help you reach your goals .

You need to provide :

  • Backpack (30-40 litres)
  • Duffle bag or bigger backpack to carry equipment
  • Base layers
  • Wind stoppers (polar jacket)
  • Normal summer trekking pant
  • Warm trekking pants (preferably waterproof)
  • Light down jacket
  • Gore-tex jacket (waterproof)
  • Warm hat
  • Light trekking boots
  • Heavy trekking boot ( 1 layer is enough )
  • Sun cream
  • Headlights
  • Sticks, poles
  • Mattress
  • Sleeping bag with the comfort level of -5
  • Warm gloves ( probably an extra one )
  • Sunglasses
  • Ice axe
  • Trekking Crampon

You could rent any of those equipments if you let us know in advance .

  • Vandarbon hut in Alamkuh with private rooms available .
  • Tent in Hesarchal .
  • Polur has private rooms and dormitory . some private rooms with hot shower . Also dormitory shower is available .
  • Another accommodation is federation hut in Rineh .
  • The best accommodation would be one of the hotels in Larijan with hotspring ( They have solphuric hotsprings inside hotel which comes from Damavand )

At 4200 ( Damavand )

  • New Hut ( if you book in adavance )
  • Old hut ( if you book in advance )
  • Tent

We have great feedback on our food plans . We serve two different foods per meal . one is most European and one is traditional dish plus some dishes of Kebab during the trip . You never forget our foods as we have a special cook for this reason . We also care about different diets of the people in the group . So don't worry if you are vegetarian or have allergic to some materials . Drinking is free during the trip . Water would be always mineral for you in closed bottles


Find our menu here and you could preorder the food if you want, click here.

  • All the transfers ( Tehran to Tehran )
  • All the accommodation ( private room at Polur hut and hut at 4200 m ) – To upgrade accommodation ( to Hotel in Larijan ) write to us .
  • Guiding and services
  • Food and Drinks ( We guarantee best foods on mountain )
  • Climbing Permit for Damavand ( 50 USD pp )
  • Climbing Permit for Aamkuh ( 30 USD pp )
  • Tip to crew ( in case of 100 percent satisfaction )

Our standard transfer services always helps to have enough comfort for people

Lashgarak summit 4200 m

A view of Alamkuh Northface

Alamkuh area in winter

Briefing about trip details on map and in Polur hut

On the way up to Alamkuh ( 4850 m )

Inside the hut

The hut at 4200 meters

Around 5000 meters

Solphur hills with sell of solphur close to the summit

Summit !

On the way up to the hut 4200 meters

Mosque at 3000 meters

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