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ski tour in Zagros
Skiing in Zagros

What is Zagros ? 

Zagros massif is a long series of big and small mountains which located in Iran . These series are 1600 km long and that’s the longest massif in Iran . Zagros is remote , wild , has great scenery and beauty and normally has great snowpack .

What are the classic tours in Zagros ? 

The classic tours that most guides are working in Zagros area are MohammadAbad ( 3000 m ) , Niyakan ( 3100 m ) , Cherry ( 3600 m ) , Shahmansori ( 3500 ) , Samsami ( 3700 m ) . Away from this classic tours in the area , there are many different possibilities to do back country skiing on Higher summits like Dozardeh ( 4100 ) , Shahe Shahidan ( 4200 m ) etc . Normally people reach these summits from Chelgerd which is a nice area .

The place of accommodation in the area : 

Different type of accommodation is possible in the Zagros range . From Cozy small local houses ( which give you great opportunity to get contact with locals ) to more modern accommodation are available close to Chelgerd . In Mohammad Abad and Niakan , there are different kind of accommodation available .

Drive time from Accommodation : 

Depends to the destination and the place of your accommodation , it could last between 20 mins to 1 hour drive for reaching different tours . The more wild tours are more far from the place of accommodation  . Some big summits are available just very close to Chelgerd village .

ski tour in Zagros

The vertical difference between 500 meters to 1800 meters per day could be easily found on these area .

How is the snowpack in Zagros  ? 

Regarding to the winter percipitation in Zagros and smooth differences on temperature difference , there are normally good snow pack happens on the slopes in Zagros . Anyway in case of Avalanche , the amount and consequences could be terrific . But what we could say is that It has mostly a safe snowpack .

Is Zagros just the area around Chelgerd ? 

Definitely no . Zagros is 1600 km and the mountains around Chelgerd is just a small portion of it . The reason for popularity of Chelgerd is that this area is really focused and lots of different tour are available in close distance . That’s the reason that many guides tends to do tours on this area. Other areas and also the famous big summits of Zagros is open for climbers who are looking for more challenges.