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An article by : Hamid Shafaghi

IFMGA Mountain and ski guide ,

Hamid Shafaghi

Mount Damavand

Damavand is the highest volcanic summit in Asia . with the measured altitude of 5609 m ( recently measured ) , it’s one of the 7 volcanic project for tourists around the world .

How Was Mount Damavand Formed?

Mount Damavand is technically described as being a strato-volcano meaning that it is built up from layers of volcanic rock. It stands in an area which has previously been volcanically active and it rises from the southern rim of a 9 km wide caldera. A caldera is a large crater formed when a volcano collapses into itself.

Mount Damavand Routes
Mount Damavand Routes

How many climbable ridge mount Damavand has ?

I could say there are 16 different ridges to climb mount Damavand  . Through all of them , the south face is the most popular one to climb in summer and winter . The west ridge is also nice but there are some parts with rolling stones that people should care about it . The north and north east ridges are crossing through some long glacier to the top .

Damavad tour

How many camps in Damavand ?

There are some villages at the base of this summit which the most famous one are Polur , Rineh and Nandal . around the altitude of 4000 , there are huts on different ridges . The well organised hut with hutkeeper is on the south face of the summit  . The hut here is well organised and has food and some hutkeepers . There are some old hut and tents as well to stay here .

Damavand tour

What are the best months to climb ?

well , this is a good question regarding to your goal . If you are looking for a winter climb , end of February is a good month to plan your climb . If you want to climb it in Spring , End of May to mid of July are the most beautiful months with snow covers in the valleys plus poppies on the lower altitude . if you are looking for a very safe and easier climb , August and the first half of September fits best .

Damavand tour

What skills do I need to climb Damavand ?

Well , normally for the August climbers , you need to have good fitness and be careful not to go out of the track . ( Anyway , Damavand could be wild and snowy in August as well ) . Going out of track in cloudy weather or windy one could result to serious problems . The good acclimatization should be happens which we recommend you to use a guiding service to help this happens . Also the climb is tricky around 5000 meters by going on steeper terrains and rocks . for climbing in other months , you need to know how to work with ice axe , crampons and have more confident . also about the mountain around Solphur hills , you need to be careful as solphur comes out and it’s really harmful to eyes and throat if you go through it .

What kind of guiding and services available ?

You could have the offer from Porters in the area to local guides also to official guides and some few guides with IFMGA certificate . Don’t waste your time with non-official guides as they are not qualified to help you with tricky condition . You could use qualified mountain guides which have ID to secure your climbing .

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If you are looking to book a tour for Damavand , just click the link below :

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