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Zagros Ski tour - Ski tour on Remote and wonderful mountains of Zagros

Who could go this tour

Hopefully because of the difference in the mountains of Zagros , most of the people could enjoy the slopes . At least there are 3 very easy tour available on this area which are also suitable for all different taste . People with more Technic and Endurance could enjoy more skiing on other slopes which are steeper and very nice . 

Our guides

Guide ratio would be 1:5 and Our guides are qualified and experienced enough to work on the mountain . We have the only Aspirant guide ( IFMGA ) in Iran at the moment . All our guides are good skiers , fluent in English language and don't have problem in communicating at all . Have passed the 3 years of mountain guide  official course in Iran . We have excellent rating on TripAdvisor regarding to our guides and services . guides will have maximum flexibility to help you reach your goals .


You need to provide :

1 . Ski equipment ( Ski , Skins , Crampons for ski , Sticks ( skiing poles ) , boots for ski touring )
2 . Safety Equipment ( Avalanche transceiver ( Please check the battery )  , Shovel , probe )
3 . Proper backpack for skitouring ( could be with/ without ABS ) but needs to have tapes to carry skis
4 . Proper clothes for ski touring , down jacket
5 . Sun glasses and ski goggle
6. Thermos , Suncream , Lipstick
7 . Helmet ( Recommended )
8 . inflatable mattress
9 . small kit for first aid ( another one will be carried by the guide )

We provide :
1 . Rental safety equipment ( We need to know in advance )
2 . Rental clothes ( we need to know in advance )


In the cities  , we use our good standards for the hotel which are at least 3 star hotels or very nice traditional hotel . In the mountain , you will have one of the following options :
1 . Staying in local house . This local houses has rooms for 4 people and we need sleeping bag and mattress . But they all have carpet and well designed and cozy with hot shower available. If we stay on this local house , you will have the benefit to have our cook and her foods which are really nice and with the highest quality .
2 . Staying in the hotels in Chelgerd . On this case we will have the 1 or 2 star hotels and we need to use their foods which we don't recommend but it would be your choice .
Zagros Tour

Food and Drinks

Stars to beauty of tour :

General fitness needed : Beginner to Professional

Altitude in 1 day  : 700 to 1800  m

Number of summits : around 6 classical tours to many professional ski tours .

Amazing summits and special scenery of the nature in Zagros plus many untouched slopes makes Zagros a different ski destination . Some Rocky Canyon with funny and breathtaking slopes plus some wide and amazing slopes on the other side will cover all different level of skiing . Zagros is also connected to the place where nomad people in Iran live so it's possible to see their traditional clothes and very local people on this area. Zagros is also famous to have many big summits available for 2 or 3 days ski tour for more professional skiers . The classical tour in Zagros consist of daily tours around the area and everyday see a new place.

Why Zagros ?

Zagros mountains around Chelgerd classic tour   :
Day 1 : Pickup from airport and transfer to Isfahan . Isfahan is an old amazing city famous for it's special bridges and wonderful Persian - Islamic architecture . Night in Isfahan in a traditional hotel . City sightseeing in Isfahan .
Day 2 : Breakfast and continue sightseeing in Isfahan includes the second biggest square in the world , One of the most accurate architecture in the world in the Sheikh lotfollah mosque , Amazing Armenian Church , Shaking towers ( Menar Jonban ) etc. Evening transfer to Chelger . ( Chelgerd is a mountain village located 3 hours drive from Isfahan . This wonderful small city is surrounded with very high and amazing mountains. Accommodation in a local house with hot shower . Cozy and nice .
Day 3 : Ski tour on Mohmmad Abad village . The Wide canyon ends to amazing valley to ski on different slopes . (2.1 , 2.2 )
Day 4 : Ski tour on Shahriari summit ( around 1100 meter vertical difference - summit is 3400 )  . ( 40 mins drive ) . The brilliant Shahriari summit is probably one of the best tours in the area . The summit gives 3 different nice canyons to ski down from beginner to professional skiers . All could enjoy ( 2.2 to 3.2 ) 
Day 5 : Ski tour on Cherry Summit ( 3600 m the summit and around 1200 meters vertical difference ) . This trip could be done also on a smaller summit ( around 800 meters vertical difference ) for less fitted people . The smaller peak has easier ski condition but the Cherry summit gives you one of your best memory on skiing . Wonderful rocky canyon on both sides with amazing ski slope on the middle is what you are really looking for .
Day 6 : Ski tour on Samsami summit . This summit is also quite nice with its 3600 meters peak and the approach is different in safe and dangerous condition . In safe condition it's very fast to reach the summit while on snowy condition you need to make a big travel from the south face . In any case the slope for skiing is wonderful canyon with all of possibilities for people looking for amazing ski .
Day 7 : Ski tour on Niakan summit . A nice and easy finish ( around 800 meters difference on the elevation ) and very beautiful canyons . Evening transfer to Kashan .
Day 8 : City sightseeing in Kashan . This old city with it's amazing houses and mosques gives you a nice experience in Iran before you leave the country . Late at night transfer to airport for departure .

NOTE : The trip to Zagros mountain could be also mixed to visit the central desert in Iran , doing Safari or cycling activities . Or it could be continued with some 4000 to 4300 meters peaks which you should do in  2 days . Please ask us if you have any question on this.


We have great feedback on our food plans . We serve two different foods per meal . one is most European and one is traditional dish plus some dishes of Kebab during the trip . You never forget our foods as we have a special cook for this reason . We also care about different diets of the people in the group . So don't worry if you are vegetarian or have allergic to some materials . Drinking is free during the trip . Water would be always mineral for you in closed bottles .
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