Adjacent to Metropolitan Tehran and in the north , There is a beautiful mountain which name is "Tochal " . Thre ridgeline is 12 km long ! the highest peak is 3933 meters high .  There is a cabin from Tehran which goes to the pass of summit ( 3900m) and ends in Tochal ski resort . Tochal base is also a place for recreational activities . Zip line , Bunjee Jumping , Rock climbing and many restaurants are working in the base of the summit .

The ridgeline consists of the following peaks from west to east :
Lavarak ( 3560m ) , Bazarak ( 3753m ), Palangchal ( 3520m ), Sar-Bazarak ( 3640m ) , Shah Nashin(3875m), Tochal ( 3933m) , Espilet ( 3120m) , West lezon ( 3585m) , Piazchal ( 3540m ) , Kolackchal ( 3350m ) , Siahband ( 3320m )

Tochal ski resorts open from November to May and has the longest period for skiing in Iran .

There are 2 Chairlift and 1 T-bar in the resort . There are 7 stations for the main Telecabin to rech the pass of Tochal mountain . From the pass to the north face there is a nice valley full of slopes for skiing and on the end of the valley is where Tochal Hotel is located . The Hotel is at the elevation of 3500 meters with 30 rooms inside the hotel .
The Tochal Hotel has 30 rooms. The details are as follows:

    6 rooms with single beds
    11 rooms with 2 single beds
    8 rooms with twin beds
    4 regular suites and 1 VIP suite

These rooms are located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the hotel.
The main Cabin starts from Velenjak in Tehran and continues through different stations up to the 7th station . The Cabin length is 7.5 km and is one of the highest Telecabin in the world . It was built on 1978 and renovated recently . The Cabin starts at 1900 meters ( First Station and ends to the 7th station on 3700m . The stations are as below :
Station 1 : Located at 1900 meters high above sea level from Velenjak in Tehran . This are consists of different sports such as Climbing , Zip line etc  and many different restaurants . It's reachable by bus or taxi from Tajrish sq .
Station 2 : is at the elevation of 2400m .
Station 5 : located at 2935 meters with a restaurant and a rescue center . Should change the line here .
Station 7 : Is the final station and located at 3700 meters above sea level . From here the resort and scenery of Tehran and the Alborz massive is accessible .

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