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Sangsar Sol, A unique conglomerate wall is 5 km away from Mahdishahr, one of the zone in Semnan. Climbing in this wall is an amazing experience because of different cracks, slabs roofs and overhang .  The wall is 700 meters wide and 250 meters high .

Topo by : M.Kafash
1.Shakor    2.Kelma   3.Hemmat Shemiran   4.Fereshteh   5.Aras   6.Saman   7.Sequence Photo   8.Khompareh   9.Bita   10.Lane Oghab
11.Jalal   12.35   13.Sorkhpostaye Irani   14.Tika   15.Afshin   16.Vahdat   17.Kiana   18.Tintin   19.Ebham   20. Nasrin   21.Braveheart
22.Anjoman   23.Sokot   24.Kamin   25.Qazviniha   26. Ghajer   27. Saei   28.Zohreh   29.Binam   30.Karim