Akhlamad valley , is a great and attractive place for the visitors . The beautiful green valley with lots of amazing limestone walls on both sides of the road attracts both climbers and normal people . at the end of the road there is a shelter that could be used to stay at night with prior arrangements . Akhlamad valley is located in Khorasan-e-Razavi province.
This climbing area is very easy to access and most of the routes are established in a safe way . It's possible to do sport climbing in this area or also multipitch and traditional climbing .

Inside Akhlamad valley on both sides , there are lots of routes ( sport, trad , aid) which are suitable fopr different grades ( easy to hard ) . Also in this area there are some Fixed ledges established by local climbers mostly for training and bivouc !
There are different walls from the start of the valley . The limestone rock gives perfect friction in some routes .
Here are topos of the routes ...