Alamkooh is the second highest peak in Iran with 4851m of elevation and actually the most technical mountain inside Iran, This mountain is full of glaciers and granite rock with lots of climbing routes .
Climbing Alamkooh wall ( from an easy German flank to the hardest bigwall route ( up to A3 and 7c ) with more than 500 meters of wall 
Bisotun is actually the most huge climbing wall in Iran with its beautiful summit ( 2500m ), This Limestone monster is 5km in width and 1200 meters in height in the longest part !! more than 100 routes with different grades from easy routes to the summit to the hardest one up to 8b !! From easy to hard 1 or 2 pitches routes up to an alpine climb or a multipitch 30 pitches climb is available on this wall !!

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Yafteh is the third longest climbing wall in Iran with more than 700 meters of Limestone wall, There are limited cracks in Yafte and most of the routes are long multipitch climbing with lots of possibilities to do new routes !

Rock climbing in Yafte tour details and information about routes and area

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Lajvar is a stunning wall in the center of the country, most of the routes are sport and they have been rebolted recently. The wall is 325 meters high and with more than 12 climbing routes.
Sangsar sol is a climbing area 3 hrs away from the capital with many routes. This area is developed recently with new standards of bolting and also trad routes . Climbing here is a perfect experience for multipitch up to 200 meters of the wall .

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Polekhab is a perfect climbing area 2hrs from Tehran with more than 100 routes, This climbing wall is up to 100 meters and you could find from easy 5 to hard 8b+, most of the routes are bolted with chain anchor . There is also a climbing guidebook about polekhab .

Maku climbing area in the Northwest of Iran is a huge roof with lots of routes and cracks ! This climbing area was developed recently in 2015 during a climbing festival by some of Iranian climbers . The area is famous for it's unique huge roof of the wall .

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