Our moutinaeering tours with experienced guides and  numerous high peaks in Iran is a special offer for every mountaineer . We try to provide exact information about mountains to help you decide easily .

Damavand, is a unique stunning conical mountain in Iran which is also the highest one. This mountain is 5609 meters high from normal south ridge to very technical icy and rocky ridges . Mount Damavand ( Damawand ) is the highest conical peak in the world . To learn more about Damavand tour and Damavand Information just click here .
Alamkouh is the highest tricky mountain inside Iran , This summit is 4851 m . Away from the bigwall in North face that you could do bigwall climbing there , There is some easier faces in the southern part of the summit . Alamkouh is famous because of huge granite in the north face of the summit . To learn more about Alamkouh tour and Alamkouh information just click here .
Sabalan is the third highest peak , with lots of glaciers and rocky routes and elevation of 4811m . Sabalan's famous glacier is one of the technical routes to the summit . Sabalan ( Savalan ) is well known because of it's lake on the summit . Many climbers try to climb this summit to see the beautiful lake which is completely frozen during winter time. To learn more about Sabalan tour and Sabalan Information just click here .
There are lots of different mountains away from these 3 famous peaks that we will try to complete our data here about them .