In the Central wild part of Alborz,Close to the altitude of Azadkouh ( 4395m ) Kholeno mountain is located . Kholeno is the fourth highest peak in the central Alborz after Damavand ( 5609m ) , Alamkouh ( 4851m) and Azadkouh ( 4395m ) .

Kholeno is exactly located in the heart of Central Alborz , in the north face of Lalon village and close to the Varangeroud valley . The mountain is very steep from different slopes and ends to Varangeroud valley from north, Lar protected area from east and Harzekouh ridge from west ! Kholeno is the headwater of the Varangeroud, Lar and Laloon rivers ! There is a big lake in the north valley of the summit which makes it stunning . Kholeno in winter is very hard to climb and there are lots af avalanche risks in different slopes and one of most dangerous mountains in winter . Away in summer it's possible to climb it through Borj Summit and from a technical ridge . Also it's possible to climb the mountain from it's normal ridge . There are lots of springs in the way to climb the mountain so normally there would be no problem with the water .
Best time to climb : June to the end of September

From Laloon Village, It's possible to climb up to Talkhab spring , which you could stay at night in a camp ,then to Varzab pass at the elevation of 4100 , and to Borj summit , Jandark Blades , Small Kholeno and Big Kholeno .
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Jandark Blades towards Khole no summit
Kholeno lake
Jandark Blades

From Kholeno summit , it's possible to see a wide range of Central alborz peaks from Damavand to Alamkouh .