In the Central wild part of Alborz, A unique free mountain rises to the sky . Azadkouh (4395m) which is a spectacular mountain in Central Alborz , have different kind of routes and ridges to climb . The winter ascent of this mountain is a hard ascent .
From Chalos road and after Kandovan tunnel ( 5km ) there is a by-way ( Elica road ) which connects Chalos road to Haraz road . on the middle of this road and through different villages such as Kalak ( North East face )  , Nesen ( North face ) ,Varangeroud ( Southwest ) , Nahiyeh ( East face ) ... it's possible to climb Mount Azadkouh .
Azadkouh is well known for its crooked neck which is a bigwall on it's north face . This could seen from most of the mountains in central Alborz . Azad Means free so It's a free mountain !
Azadkouh is the highest peak in Central Alborz after Damavand(5609), Alamkouh ( 4851m) and Kholeno ( 4400m)

Best months to climb the mountain : From July to the mid of September .

Azadkouh is connected to other mountains of Central Alborz from it's south ridge and through Choren pass . All the other ridges are bigwalls and rocks so this is why they named it the free mountain .

Weather : The normal winds are coming from west and the weather in winter is extremely windy . Mountain is full of snow in winter time and there is risk of avalanche in most of valleys in winter . 
Right to Left, Kamankouh , Sarmaho and Yakhchal summit connected from south face to Azadkouh
Azadkouh summit from Nahiye village
Bigwall on the north and west face of Azadkouh
The north and west face of Azadkouh
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