Hamellon Ice Climbing School is a safe and easy climbing school located in Fasham road . The area is cold enough for water to freeze so some of the local climbers start to made an artificial ice climbing school . The result is now stunning . The area is very close to the main road ( less than 5 minutes ) and is totally safe . Different columns and different slopes gives both beginner and advanced climbers a good taste . Hamellon is actually a good place to develop ice climbing skills and also every year Ice climbing competitions are held on this area .
Opening months : Mid January to the mid of March .
Opening Hours : 9 to 15
For Climbing Instructor or tour reservation to this area mailto: Tours@IranClimbingGuide.com

There are more than 2000 meters of pipes for water flowing above the area and fences to make a pure ice . Ice climbing in Hamellon would be a very nice day by the use of the existing anchors .