Reghez could be mentioned as the most Beautiful canyon in Iran , Stunning waterfalls and deep enough pools invite you to enjoy as much as possible. The canyon located in a hot south of the country but from the point you start canyoning it's quite cool . Some of the pools have fishes inside and you could swim along with them .This canyon is calm but needs enough skills of swimming and rappeling .
Best time to visit this canyon is from the First of April to the end of August .
The Canyon is very close to Darab city , a small city close to Shiraz , which is a capital for ancient and myth of Persia . Perspolis , Naghs-e-Rostam , Koroush Kabir's Tomb and also cemetry of many famous Iranian Poets like Saadi and Hafez .
Darab is a small city 3 hours away from Shiraz. From Darab by 30 muinutes of driving be some pickup cars and then 3 to 4 hours of climbing it's possible to be on the start point of Raghez Canyon .
Raghez Canyon includes more than 60 waterfalls that 12 of them requires absailing . ( Even it's possible to jump all of them but not recommended ) , Maximum absail is around 65 meters high . The pools are up to 20 meters deep ! Canyon length is around 4 Kms .
Name of the most famous waterfalls :
Name of waterfall Rappel height Deepness of Pool Length of Pool
Negin 16m 8m 41m
Boomerang 7m 8m 31m
Masoud 8m 12m 15m
Golab Hozcheh (Rosewater) 11m   7m   12m
Fath ( Victory) 8m 1.5m 6m
Hekmat (Wisdom) 11m 15m 32m
Kabotar ( Pigeon) 25m 20m 6m
Jam (Cup) 9m 6m 36m
Damagheh (Nose) 12m 2m 4m
Azarakhsh ( Thunder) 65m 6m 11m
Yadegar (Memorial) 4m 8m 11m
Vedae ( Bye ) 46m 10m 7m

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