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Bisotun is obviously the monster of rock in Iran, 5km in width and 1200 meters of vertical rock with 3 big ledges make Bisotun one of the most Challenging wall in the world . The rock is limestone and sharp in some parts so it makes a good friction for the climbers in easy routes . The summit of Bisotun is 2500m high above the sea level. The wall is also an ancient place and its protected in some places by the Unesco and the government and actually forbidden for climbing . But most of the wall is free and you could do climb over there  .
As a historical place you will find more than climbing in Bisotun .


Stunnig view of the wall from Karvansara
From ablove left to right , conquests of Darius the Great in Old Persian,  Bas Relief of Mithridates of Parthia, Statue of Herakles, Faratash Carving

There are more than 100 long multipitch ( Sport and Traditional ) routes on the wall. Even you could climb 1 or 2 pitches sport routes or doing lots of bouldering or doing another activities such as basejump, Highline ...

Wall best months to climb : End of March, April, May, June, September, October and November
Routes : From easy multipitch alpine climb to hard sport routes ( 4 to 8c )

There are 3 shelters in the wall that you could stay for long climbing routes .
Gharargah Shelter on the middle of the wall and GĂ©raldine Fasnacht basejump from Bisotun in 2010
90 meters highline on Bisotun ( Noghredare )
The wall is known as 5 major climbing parts, Head of Heakles, Kalkosh, NoghreDarreh, Darre khoshe and Loolsakht . To download a high quality page of this topo Just contact us at :