Iran Climbing Guide
As a skilled climber in Iran , I have done some significant climbs around the world in Alps , Karakorum and Madagascar . Inside Iran I also did many first ascent in ice and rock routes and did many new routes in different rock around Iran . My goal is to introduce Iran as a climbing destination for 4 season to the boddies who are interested in easy routes , Long multipitch climbing , Hard sport routes and other activities like canyoning and skitouring . We will try to plan from economy adventure tours to luxury one's .
I'm also an instructor in Iran in the following activities :
Rock climbing Grade 1 , Ice climbing Grade 2 ,Sport Climbing Grade 3 and Navigation Instructor grade 2
You can check my Videos on youtube by searching : " Hamid Shafaghi "
or check my FB ID ,
Our team will guarantee for you to reach more that what you desired .

Cell phone : (+98)9123445298
What'sapp : (+98)9358505037
Email :
Hamid Shafaghi, Pitch 5, 7a+ , Karambony tower , The Change Experience ( A candidate for Piolet dOr prize in 2016 )
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If you are doing a mountain activity in Iran , You need to use one of the official Mountain guides which you could determine by this ID Card . This is published by Tourism ministry and guides with this card had passed around 3 years of different trainings and courses like rock climbing , ice climbing , navigation , leadership in mountains and many other training to be qualified . Locals and Mountaineers are normally not trustable cause they have their own non-standard ways to do things and in case of any accident or problem , nobody accepts the responsibility of decisions .
Please check the word " Mountain " at the last row . The guide should have this on the ID card .